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Artwork Laser PrintersP-T520

Artwork is critical to the final print result, with an even level of carbon the most important aspect. Even the smallest level of carbon is enough to image a screen, however it's an even level of carbon deposited to the artwork that is more important as this will avoid excess carbon deposits and overheating during imaging.

Both models are proven to work with all imaging systems in A4 and A3 size.

We sell refurbished laser printers - not just used printers that have had a superficial clean - all printers are restored as close as possible to new condition. We aim to insure they will give years of trouble free service rather than simply work for the duration of the warranty period. The cost of refurbishing (including a re-built fuser, paper path kit, additional memory, a premium remanufactured toner cartridge, updated firmware) accounts for more than half of the sale price of our printers. We offer:

Low running costs: 1 to 2 cents per page

Low purchase prices: Less than half original prices

Latest drivers and manuals on CD. Power cable included

Full maintenance kit installed in every monochrome printer

Full premium toner cartridge with every monochrome printer

32 or 64mb additional RAM installed in most network models

One month satisfaction guarantee: purchase price refunded

Up to 12 months/50,000 pages warranty, dependent on model

Many brands of laser printers are not compatible with this system as the toner used is not carbon based, but wax or graphite. Richo, Sanyo, Xerox as some models proven to be unsuitable.

Unsure if your laser is suitable?? NEHOC offer an obligation free testing service for artwork. Visit the Support Centre and submit an enquiry to have samples of your artwork tested free.


A4 Artwork Printer
Lexmark T520 model


A3 Artwork Printer
Lexmark W810 model

Quick Model Comparison

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Maximum Paper Size
Pages Per Minute at 600dpi
On Board RAM
72Mb (8 +64 Mb)
80Mb (16 + 64Mb)
200 MHz QED RM 5231-200 processor
Time to First Page Out
9 seconds
9.5 seconds
Dimensions (WDH)
340 x 399 x 513 mm
590 x 680 x 560mm




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