A5 Basic Starter PackageFabric Stretch Additive

Product Code: FI-FSA and FI-FSA-5L

Increase the elasticity of inks by up to 20%.

Suitable for use on lycra and stretch materials - gym, sportswear, team wear and work wear.

Note - even when adding Fabric Stretch Additive to your inks, you may not stop the ink cracking where the print is overstretched by manual (size 8 on a size 12 person) or mechanical (rough washing machine) means. Where low quality t-shirts and garments are used it is recommended garments are washed prior to use to remove sizing. This will assist in minimal overstretching of the design.

Available Sizes

FI-FSA Fabric Stretch Additive - 160ml pack 160ml
Standard pack size - suitable for up to 1.6 Litres of ink
  FI-FSA-5L Fabric Stretch Additive - 5 Litre pack 5 Litre
Bulk pack for trade use and wholesalers


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Key Features


Increase elasticity of print

Thins ink without diluting pigments

Keeps ink workable for longer periods





Mix rate at 10% volume.




Clean with damp cloth only.



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FI-FSA-5L Fabric Stretch Additive - 5 Litre packFI-FSA Fabric Stretch Additive - 160ml packSpecifications


160ml size

Item Weight: 180g

Length: 56mm

Width: 56mm

Height: 84mm

Cbm: 66g


5 Litre size

Item Weight: 5.15Kg

Length: 180mm

Width: 135mm

Height: 285mm

Cbm: 1.731Kg



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