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EZIScreen Basic Starter KitEZIscreen - Screen printing made easy

EZIscreen screen printing equipment is low cost system using StencilPro films to create a screen without chemicals or solvents, no emulsion coatings and leaves you with a professional screen you can keep and reuse.

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Compare exposure methods

EZIscreen replaces Print Lamps and NEHOC Screen Printing Kit

Compare costs - see what is really costs to make a screen

Exposure Type Emulsion Life Emulsion Coating Degreasing Screens Pinholes Water
EZIscreen using StencilPro Films N/A No No No Yes Yes Yes
Emulsions: Speedball using Diazo 4 weeks Yes Yes Yes No No No
Emulsions: Commercial/ Photosensitive <1 year Yes Yes Yes No No No
Thermal: Print Lamps N/A No No Yes Yes Yes No
Thermal: Thermal-Copier N/A No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Thermal: GOCCOPRO Digital N/A No No No Yes Yes Yes

* Speedball using Diazo emulsions require a solvent cleaner to be used prior to clean-up, therefore not pure water clean-up

” Print lamps are not eco-friendly. Emulsions use solvent cleaners that should not be washed down household drains.



See for yourself how StencilPro™ saves time with no emulsion coating and a fast exposure time.comparison


EZIscreen Kits replace Print Lamps

StencilPro™ replaces Print Lamps for screen exposure - no more wasting lamps and no special imaging machine to purchase. You can use all your existing frames, squeegee's and inks.

StencilPro™ films expose outside in sunlight or inside under fluro lamps, developing and washing out in water - faster and easier than Speedball, Diazo and traditional photo emulsions which use chemicals.

No special exposure equipment - use sunlight or inside under a fluroescent lamp

No coating emulsions - no mixing solvents or chemicals then waiting

Water clean-up with fast exposure times (under 1 min in sunlight1)

Keep and store your screens - reuse your frames saving $$ on equipment costs

Use your existing RISO & NEHOC frames, squeegee's and inks