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FI-PPA Poly Prop Additive - 182ml for use with 1 Litre of inkPoly Prop Additive - Air Cure Ink Additive

Product Code: FI-PPA and FI-PPA-5L

This additive is for use with opaque inks only and both increases the adhesion of the ink onto synthetic surfaces and makes the mixture air cure - no heat setting is required.

Designed for printing polypropylene bags, polar fleece and items not suitable for heat setting, Poly Prop Additive can be an ideal solution where materials can be damaged by the heat setting process.


Once added to opaque ink the mixture begins to set in contact with air, so you must continue to print all items in one process. If stopping, you must clean the screen or ink will dry and block the design.


Adding Fabric Ink Retarder is recommended in many instances to stop ink drying, however adding retarder will also increase the setting time of the ink by up to 5 days.


This is an Intermediate to Advanced technique, printing Opaque Inks should be mastered before moving to adding Poly Prop Additive as keeping the screen clear of ink is essential or it will begin to dry and a complete screen clean is required.

Available Sizes

FI-PPA Poly Prop Additive - 182ml for use with 1 Litre of ink 182ml
Standard pack size - suitable for use with 1 Litre of opaque Ink
  FI-PPA-5L Poly Prop Additive - 5 Litre pack 5 Litre
Bulk pack for trade use and wholesalers


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Key Features


Eliminates heat setting of prints

Enables printing onto synthetic materials difficult to heat set - lycra

Print polypropylene bags

Increases adhesion onto synthetic materials




Mix at 18.2% volume - 182ml per 1 Litre of Opaque Fabric Ink.

Stir well before each use.


Ink must cure for up to 72 hrs before handling/ packaging/ wear.

Recommended items are not washed for 5-7 days following printing



Clean with water only.



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A5 Basic Starter PackageA5 Basic Starter PackageSpecifications


FI-PPA 182ml Pack

Item Weight: 210g

Length: 56mm

Width: 56mm

Height: 84mm

Cbm: 66g


FI-PPA-5L 5 Litre Pack

Item Weight: 5.510Kg

Length: 180mm

Width: 135mm

Height: 235mm

Cbm: 1.731Kg


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