FI-T40 Fabric Ink Thickener - 40ml packFabric Ink Thickener

Product Code: FI-T40 and FI-T500

Thickens inks instantly.

For use in all ink types where too much water or Retarder has been added and the ink has been made too thin or runny.

Can also be used as a personal preference to thicken Standard inks for a more solid feel when printing.

Available Sizes

FI-T40 Fabric Ink Thickener - 40ml pack 40ml
Handy small quantity to have on hand if needed
  FI-T500 500ml Fabric Ink Thickener 500ml
Larger pack when using Retarder regularly


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Key Features


Thickens inks

Suitable for use with all ink types





Mix rate depends on personal preference to ink viscosity. Mix only 3-5ml and stir well. Repeat as required until ink is at required thickness.

If over thickened use Retarder to counteract Thickener.




Clean with water.



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FI-T500 500ml Fabric Ink ThickenerFI-T40 Fabric Ink Thickener - 40ml packSpecifications


40ml size

Item Weight: 70g

Length: 34mm

Width: 34mm

Height: 90mm

Cbm: 26g


500ml size

Item Weight: 550Kg

Length: 65mm

Width: 65mm

Height: 215mm

Cbm: 227Kg



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FI-R200Fabric Ink Retarder


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