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EZIscreen Kits and packages (this is the Complete Fabric Kit)EZIscreen Kits

There's a large range of kits and packages from starters/ beginners through to experienced screen printers looking for a faster and cheaper systems than coating emulsion onto screens using Speedball and Diazo emulsions.

As your needs increase so to does the equipment needed to support you, from a basic single colour print onto fabric right through to complex multi-colour designs - we have all the right equipment to ensure your supported at every stage.

The kit or package that's best for you must satisfy four questions - ask yourself these now as the answers will tell you what equipment is required:

How many designs do you have?

- This tells you how much film you need

What sizes are your designs?

- Your frame and squeegee's need to match your design size, so your kit must include these sizes, or you will have to purchase them separately and add them into your kit.

How many colours are your designs, or how many colours do you wish to print?

- If your answer is more than 1 then you need a 4 colour screen printing jig to registrater the colours of your design

What quantities will you be printing?

- Often a hard question to answer now, however as your quantities increase the use of a jig will save you great amounts of time printing. If your quantities are over 30 at a time then a jig will save you $$ in the long run.

If your having any trouble or need more help, ask us a question - click here . .


Available Products

Trial Pack

SpeedBall Trial Pack





Sterter Kit's


Basic Starter Kit



HiRes Starter Kit


EZIscreen Opaque Starter Kit

Opaque/ Supercover kit for black and dark fabrics


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Large Starter Kit



Complete Printing Kit


Complete Fabric Kit




T-Shirt Starter Packages with jig

Single Colour T-Shirt and Fabric Kit with Jig


4 Colour T-Shirt and Fabric Kit with Jig



Home Business Packages

Home Business Starter


Complete Home Business