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EZI-HIR-5EZIscreen and StencilPro™ Support

StencilPro™ replaces Print Lamps for screen exposure - no more wasting lamps and no special imaging machine to purchase. You can use all your existing frames, squeegee's and inks.



How to use StencilPro

Watch a short Youtube video on how StencilPro™ is used - click here . .


Imaging Results

Read the results of our real life tests - click here . .

Technical information on exposing photosensitive films


Costs and cost breakdown

Read the overerview of the cost breakdown - click here . .

Full detailed costing breakdown of all methods


Support Pages

Screen printing technique

Printing opaque fabric inks

Off contact printing

Heat setting fabric inks

Printing Lessons



Mesh grades, types and applications

StencilPro Storage