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StencilPro Standard FilmStencilPro™ Standard Film - 110Mesh

Product Code: EZI-STD-2, EZI-STD-5, EZI-STD-10, EZI-STD-XL1 & EZI-STD-XL5

StencilPro™ films expose in sunlight or inside under fluro lamps, washing out in water - faster and easier than Speedball, Diazo and traditional photo emulsions which use chemical emulsions.

StencilPro™ replaces RISO Print Lamps

StencilPro™ replaces Print Lamps for screen exposure - no more wasting lamps and no special imaging machine is require, plus is you have a RISO system you can use all your existing frames, squeegee's and inks with StencilPro™ films

For customers using a Print Lamp system (Lamps are still available) , all you need StencilPro™ film, sunlight and water to begin. Of course an Exposure frame, Opaque Storage Container and Timer are helpful tools to achieve sharper results.

With the great versatility and strength of StencilPro™ films, you can use waterbased fabric inks, block printing inks, acrylics for paper, glass etching creams and low solvent inks for metals and plastics. StencilPro™ can be cleaned with water and weak solvents for storage.

Available Products

EZI-STD-2 StencilPro Standard Film - 2 Sheet Pack

StencilPro 2 Sheet Pack

Sheet Sheet Size: 218 x 279mm / 8.5 x 11"
Pack Size: 310x240x4mm Pack Weight:140g

EZI-STD-5 StencilPro Standard Film - 5 Sheet Pack

StencilPro 5 Sheet Pack

Size: 218x279mm (8.5x11")

EZI-STD-10 StencilPro Standard Film - 10 Sheet Pack

StencilPro 10 Sheet Pack

Sheet Size: 218x279mm (8.5x11")



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Key Features

No extra exposure equipment - use sunlight or inside under a fluroescent lamp.

No coating emulsions - no mixing sensitizer, emulsions or chemicals then waiting to dry

Develop in water with fast exposure times (under 1 min in sunlight).

Use your existing RISO & NEHOC frames, squeegee's and inks




StencilPro™ Usage Guide

Create Artwork

Print your design using ink jet, laser printer, photocopy, hand draw with texta or market pens - anything as long as it's opaque.

Place artwork face down

Artwork goes face down against the shinny side of the film.

Expose in light

A tight bond is required between the artwork and film, use Exposure Frame for best results.
Place in sun, time according to timetable given in StencilPro™ instructions.

Soak and rinse in water

Place imaged screen into water to soak - keep away from bright light during this time. Then brush out emulsion. Re-expose to harden film before use.

Ready to print

Your design is now ready to print. For screen printing mount to a plastic frame, for stenciling/ brushing/ spraying attach using tape.



You should never let ink or paint dry in your screen, as this is very hard to clean without damage.
Avoid ink drying in the screen by either:
a) Cleaning the screen (water or solvent cleaners depending on your ink type) when you pause printing
b) Perform a clearing print (see website) to remove ink from design area between each print

If several StencilPro™ films become stuck together do not pull them apart, soak in water for a few minutes until they come apart naturally.


Properly stored StencilPro™ has a shelf life of at least 18 months. Always store undeveloped film in the black bag, in the dark and away from heat/fluroescent light/ direct sunlight. We recommend storing undeveloped film inside the Opaque Storage Container for added protection against UV light.

Ideal storage/ usage temperature is between 5 to 25° Celsius. For hot/humid areas store inside Opaque Storage Container and place in refrigerator or cool room.

Store developed film flat, do not fold or bend.

Once developed the screen is no longer sensitive to light and may be stored in clear plastic bag or any suitable storage container.


See individual product specifications.



StencilPro Standard 2 Sheet Pack

Product Code: EZI-STD-2

Supplied: Pack 2 Sheets

Item Weight: 140g

Length: 310mm

Width: 245mm

Height: 4mm

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EZI-STD-2 StencilPro Standard Film - 2 Sheet Pack


StencilPro Standard 5 Sheet Pack

Product Code: EZI-STD-5

Supplied: Pack 5 Sheets

Item Weight: 160g

Length: 310mm

Width: 245mm

Height: 4mm

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EZI-STD-5 StencilPro Standard Film - 5 Sheet Pack


StencilPro Standard 10 Sheet Pack

Product Code: EZI-STD-10

Supplied: Pack 10 Sheets

Item Weight: 200g

Length: 310mm

Width: 245mm

Height: 6mm

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EZI-STD-10 StencilPro Standard Film - 10 Sheet Pack



Open protective black bag under subdued lighting conditions only. Do not expose undeveloped film to U.V. or direct sunlight at any time. Avoid exposure to bright artificial light sources, especially from fluroescent tubes as this will begin to expose the StencilPro film. Protect from excessive heat, freezing and high humidity.
StencilPro film should be stored in an Opaque Storage Container away from heat and light sources.

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