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EZIscreen Opaque Storage Container

Product Code: EZI-OSC and EZI-OSC-XL

An EZIscreen Opaque Storage Container has 3 uses that save time and make useing the system faster and easier:

Exposing StencilPro™

Cover StencilPro™ (with artwork attached inside the Magnetic Exposure Frame) film prior to exposure, lifting the lid to begin exposure and replacing at the end of exposure. Using this method stops light entering the film from the side or at an angle and unknowingly extending your exposure times, making it harder to washout.

Develope your StencilPro™

After exposure, StencilPro™ film is soaked in water then rinsed to develope the design. The Opaque Storage Container is used to hold water for soaking the film immediately after exposure - the

Store your StencilPro™

StencilPro™ film must be stored in a dark cool place - the opaque dark secure container provides maximum storage life by stopping light entering when your not using your equipment, keeping it a fresh as possible.

Product images

EZI-OSC side view Store your StencilPro film in the EZIscreen opaque Storage Container
Use cover over film before exposure EZI-OSC Side view with lid on Store your StencilPro

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Key Features

Black opaque constructions stops light

Multiple uses from the one great product

Use the lid to cover your film before exposure



StencilPro™ Usage Guide



Use soapy water and dry with a lint free cloth. Do not use glass cleaners, solvent cleaners, mineral turpentine, abrasive brushes or scrubbers as this will damage the product.


When using to store StencilPro™ always store undeveloped film in the black bag, in the dark and away from heat/fluroescent light/ direct sunlight.

Ideal storage temperature is between 5 to 25° Celsius.
For hot/humid areas place in refrigerator or cool room.

Once developed the stencil is no longer sensitive to light and may be stored in clear plastic bags or any suitable storage container.


1 x Opaque Storage Container Base

1 x Opaque Storage Container Lid



EZI-OSC side viewEZI-OSC

Item Weight: 260g

Length: 320mm

Width: 385mm

Height: 80mm with lid on

EZI-OSC-Xl Large EZIscreen Opaque Storage ContainerEZI-OSC-XL

Item Weight: 1.07Kg

Length: 325mm

Width: 440mm

Height: 125mm with lid on





StencilPro™ film should be stored away from heat and light sources. StencilPro™ film is a light sensitive product and has a recommended shelf life of 12 months under normal conditions. Open protective black bag under subdued lighting conditions only. Do not expose undeveloped film to U.V. or direct sunlight at any time. Avoid exposure to bright artificial light sources, especially from fluroescent tubes as this will begin to expose the StencilPro film. Protect from excessive heat, freezing and high humidity.
By storing StencilPro film in an Opaque Storage Container you maximise the normal shelf life of the product using the manufacturers recommended storage method. Neither the manufacturer or it's distributors provide a guarantee actual or implied shelf life of StencilPro will be reached or extended due to factors outside it's control, including but not limited to heat, light and prior exposure to light during use by the customer.


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