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StencilPro Standard FilmStencilPro™ Films

StencilPro™ films expose in sunlight or inside under fluro lamps, washing out in water - faster and easier than Speedball, Diazo and traditional photo emulsions.

110Mesh grade film (#42T in traditional silk mesh)

Use any ink - water based, acrylic, oil's, solvents - all suitable with StencilPro

Expose outside in sunlight or inside under household fluro lamps

No emulsions, no mixing stabilizers, no chemicals and no specials exposure lights

Fast water washout in a container or under a tap - no high pressure cleaning

Ideal for beginners and starter, home and small business screen printing applications

Print fabrics, T-shirts, paper, leather, glass, ceramics, canvas, metals, plastics, and much more


Available Products

Sheet Packs

EZI-STD-2 StencilPro Standard Film - 2 Sheet Pack

2 Sheet Pack

Sheet Size: 218 x 279mm / 8.5 x 11"

EZI-STD-5 StencilPro Standard Film - 5 Sheet Pack

5 Sheet Pack

Size: 218x279mm (8.5x11")

EZI-STD-10 StencilPro Standard Film - 10 Sheet Pack

10 Sheet Pack

Size: 218x279mm (8.5x11")



StencilPro™ replaces RISO Print Lamps

StencilPro™ replaces Print Lamps for screen exposure - no more wasting lamps and no special imaging machine is require, plus is you have a RISO system you can use all your existing frames, squeegee's and inks with StencilPro™ films

For customers using a Print Lamp system (Lamps are still available) , all you need StencilPro™ film, sunlight and water to begin. Of course an Exposure frame, Opaque Storage Container and Timer are helpful tools to achieve sharper results.

Compare StencilPro and ScreenMaster - more . .


StencilPro™ Features

With the great versatility and strength of StencilPro™ films, you can use water based fabric inks, block printing inks, acrylics for paper, glass etching creams and low solvent inks for metals and plastics. StencilPro™ can be cleaned with water and weak solvents for storage.

Exposure is a fast and simple process with StencilPro™ films using a photosensitive emulsion. Place your transparency artwork is against the film and place in sunlight. Under a minute later your screen is exposed.

No emulsions are used as StencilPro™ film is already coated for you. That's right no mixing sensitizer into the emulsion then coating the screen before you even begin. StencilPro™ is ready to use immediately.
As there is no 6 month shelf life of emulsions to worry about with StencilPro™ there's no wasted materials.

Developing and washing out your StencilPro™ films is fast and easy in normal tap water. No high pressure water blasting of screen and emulsions, just brush out the design in normal tap water. Details in our training videos - click here . .

StencilPro™ films are a professional grade suitable for use by beginners and screen printing starters, along with home and small business customers making screens and prints in low volumes.
- For high volumes a Thermal-Copier is recommended

With StencilPro™ you can easily print paper, fabrics, materials, cotton T-shirts, polyester T-shirts, cotton/polly blends, lycra, silk, ceramics, clay, glass, plastic (ABS and recycled), metal, aluminium, leather . . well pretty much anything that accepts an ink!
Remember you must you the right ink for your application or the ink will not adhere or cure - don't use a fabric ink on ceramics, use a proper ceramic ink - always test a sample first when unsure and do not use acids or strong solvent inks.
Also remember to use the right grade of StencilPro™ for your application - Standard.
- If you require an acid or strong solvent ink to print then your probably in well over your head on this and your not going to get much support from anyone in the industry! You will need to use air extraction fans to remove the chemical vapors (or you'll pass out), and in most states it's illegal (OH&S or law) to use these high chemical inks without spillage and environmental traps in place. So dig into your pocket, buy a better quality product and use a non-toxic ink - there's thousands out there these days.