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EZIscreen Washout Brush

Product Code: EZI-BRUSH

A pure bristle brush used to washout StencilPro™ film during the developing process to reveal the design.

After soaking, brush StencilPro™ to remove the exposed emulsion from the film and reveal the design - brushing can be performed on both sides.

Our soft brush will not damage the film during washout, as some houshold paint brushes bristles are short and may tear the film when used too hard.

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Key Features

Pure bristle brush with soft finish will not damage the film

Suitable for use with StencilPro™



After soaking, brush StencilPro™ using the EZIscreen Washout Brush to remove emulsion and expose the design.

Best used when combined with Plastic Canvas Washout Screen to hold StencilPro™ during washout inside the Opaque Storage Container.



Immediately after use, wash in water to remove any particles of emulsion from the bristles.
StencilPro™ is a water only product, do not clean using solvents or chemical cleaners.

Do not stand brush on bristles to dry.


Store flat, do not stand brush on bristles for storage.

We recommend you store your Washout Brush inside your Opaque Storage Container after use for easy access and use next time.


1 x EZIscreen Washout Brush



Supplied: Each

Item Weight: 20g

Length: 190mm

Width: 38mm



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