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EZI-HIR-5Exposing StencilPro™

StencilPro™ uses UV light to transfer the design onto the film by blocking the UV from hitting the emulsion. Where the UV hits the emulsion it begins to harden, so when StencilPro™ is exposed to any UV the exposure begins.


What are the settings for StencilPro™?

First you should read the Technical Information for exposing photosensitive films to understand:

Intensity of light source (sunlight or fluroescent lamp)

Distance of light from film

Exposure Time

. . as you have probably already have in mind what light source you are going to use (so you'll know your distance) and now need to know how long for?

Below is the manufacturers guide to get you started. To see our real life tests results (pic's where available) click here . .

    Sunlight (Summer sun) Full Spectrum Fluroescent Tubes Daylight
Fluroescent Tubes
Cool White
Fluroescent Tubes
    Standard HiRes Standard HiRes Standard HiRes Standard HiRes
StencilPro™ 25 sec. 16 sec. 3 min. 2 min. 5 min. 3 min 10sec 11 min. 8 min.


Compare StencilPro™ and Speedball / Traditional Silk screen making

The chart below quickly details the steps involved, what's not show is the massive time savings StencilPro provides - hours per screen as there is no emulsion coating or drying making it much faster than emulsion systems. Speedball screen coating and exposure details are all over the Internet, however one of the easiest to understand articles is on - click here . .

Compare StencilPro against Speedball and emulsion methods

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