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EZIscreen Fluro Light Exposure Kit

Product Code: EZI-FLEK

A small Fluroescent Light Exposure Kit for exposure of StencilPro™ indoors and under controlled light conditions, with all the parts and items supplied to set up your indoor exposure system.

Set height of 30cm above the film, using 2 x 4200K fluroescent lamps, this system provides you a consistent method of exposing your screens, so you always get the right results and eliminate exposure variables (see exposure technical details).

Easily and quickly assembled, the kit can be left assembled or quickly pulled apart for easy storage when not in use.

Important: If attempting to make this kit yourself remember all wiring must be connected and installed by a qualified electrician. We do not recommend any electrical installation and wiring yourself, always buy a pre-wired system or get a professional.

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Key Features

Consistent results every time by removing distance and UV strength variables (more)

2 x 4200K 'Cool White' fluroescent lamps

Long 3 Metre cord

Pre-wired by an electrician



StencilPro™ Usage Guide



Turn off and remove light from power before cleaning.

Clean with soft damp cloth only. Do not use solvents or chemical cleaners.


Store assembled or disassemble for storage.

Store in dry place. See Light instructions for light storage instructions.


1 x Twin Tube Fluro Light pre-wired with 3M power cord

2 x 18W 4200K Tri-phosphour Lamps

Assembly Frame Components

Assembly Instructions



Supplied: Kit

Assembled Length: 450mm

Assembled Width: 450mm

Assembled Height: 410mm



This product has been wired and assembled by a qualified electrician.

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