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EZIscreen Digital Timer

Product Code: EZI-TIMER

Set a reminder for exposure and developing times to ensure perfect results each time.

This small timer has a large digital display and is very simple to use with minute and seconds easily set using just two buttons, with a third to start/ stop.

Two functions from the one timer - set your time and a countdown begins, or reset to 0:00 and use the timer as a stopwatch.

A built in magnet lets you attach the timer to a metal surface, or simply pop out the built in stand at the rear.

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stand function magnet holder rear of timer
Stand Function Built in Magnet Rear view of timer

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Key Features

Countdown timer and stopwatch functions in the one unit

Small unit with a large clear display

Only 3 buttons make this simple to use, set and reset

3 attachment methods - Magnetic holder, built in stand or pocket clip

Auto alram when sountdown timer is reached

Up to 99 minutes 59 seconds

Large clear LCD display (30x10mm)



EZI-TIMER Instruction Sheet


Remove plastic battery protector before use, by pulling the tab out of the unit, or opening the battery compartment and removing the protective tab.


Set timer to 0:00 by pressing Minute and Second has together.

Press Minute and Second buttons to reach the desired countdown time, then press Start/ Stop button when ready to begin countdown.

Start/Stop button will pause countdown and pressing again will recommence the countdown timer.


Timer must be at 0:00 to operate in stopwatch mode. Reset timer by pressing Minute and Second has together.

Press Start/ Stop button to activate stopwatch timer function, press Start/Stop to stop operation.

Fast Scan Numbers

Hold the Minute or Second hand will increase the number faster and allow you to reach higher number very quickly, instead of pressing the button for each increase.



Keep timer dry at all times, never immerse or soak in water.

Clean screen with soft cloth only. Use damp soapy water to clean screen only when required.



Remove battery from unit when not in use. Store with your StencilPro™ film and accessories in the opaque Storage Container for easy use next time.

Do not store or place digital display in sunlight. Do not expose to heat. See instruction sheet for full details.


EZIscreen Digital Timer Unit

1 x 1.5V AG13 Battery Supplied (remove battery insert prior to use)

Instruction sheet



Supplied: Box (70x70x27mm)

Item Size: 60mm Dia. x 20mm (W)

LCD Size(WH): 30mm (W) x 10mm (H)

Power: 1 x AG13 battery

Max. Time Setting: 99 minutes 59 seconds

Item Weight: 50g

Length: 65mm

Width: 65mm

Height: 23mm



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