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Heat Press

Product Code: S-Press

Using a press is a fast way to eliminate the water based medium, activate the pigmentation and heat set the inks to the fabric. The time and temperature for heat setting will vary depending on the material used, the size of the design and the volume of the design.

Prints can be heat set when wet or dry. A wet print is considered under 48 hours from printing. After 48 hours from printing, natural evaporation of the inks assists to create a dry print where a shorter heat setting time is required, as you are not having to remove as much water based medium in the setting process.

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Key Features

Speeds the setting times

Commercial element - 1600-Watts of power - the most powerful steam press in the market

Strong construction with professional finish

Buttons For Left Or Right Hand Operation

Pressing surface 10 times the size of regular irons

Non stick surface made out of Teflon

Locking Knob Keeps Press Secure When Carrying and Storing

Digital control and LED lights for power, correct temperature, and steam

Electronic Touch Pad Control

Easy To Read Indicator Lights

Red - Power Indicator Light

Green - Ready Light

Yellow - Steam Ready Light

Nonstick upper pressing surface reduces starch buildup

Padded lower pressing surface 

Works for all types of clothing: Pleated skirts, pants, blouses, shirts, ties, cloth belts, and scarves.

Extra large 32" x 10" pressing board

100 Pounds Pressing Pressure

Audio Safety Feature

Auto shut-off if down over 10 seconds; Auto shut-off if lid left up for over 15 minutes

Portable and easy to store



Always use caution as the heat press is hot when activated and for a period after use - never touch the heat element.

When turned on and up to temperature, lower the press over the design. Most models will beep after 15-20 seconds (depending on the model) as a mandatory safety feature to avoid overheating/ burning the fabric.

Lift and let air for about 5 seconds then lower again and set once more.

3 presses may be enough for 'dry' prints where the temperature setting is correct - if too low you will need 4 presses. For wet prints (less than 48hrs old) you will need to set 4-8 times. Prints that are less than 1 hour old will take approx. 2 minutes total to set.



Clean with damp cloth only with equipment off and unplugged.


Heat Press

Cover Pad

Water Bottle


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Input Voltage: 230V - 50Hz

Power: 1600W Class 1

Safety Approval: CE, SGS GS, TUV

Item Weight [Kg]: 10 Kg

Pack Weight: 12.5 Kg

Cbm: 72x26x60cm = 28.08 Kg

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What temperature do I set the press to?

Do I need to add water and/or use the steam option?

Why is steam coming from the design?

How long do I set for - when do I know the prints are set?

What happens if I don't set the inks for long enough?


Q) What temperature do I set the press to?
You must adjust the press to suite the type of fabric as overheating may cause burning of the fabric.
Cotton = cotton setting with Cotton/ polyester = poly setting

If unsure it's always best to start at a lower setting and test the first garment, you can always increase the setting slightly after you begin if the first prints are not heating the garment.

Never overheat the garment as this will cause burning to the fabric - it's better to set for 15-20 seconds with a short 5 second break and repeat a few times than try to set for 1 minute continuously.

Q) Do I need to add water and/or use the steam option?
No there is no need to use the steam option, the press will turn on and work normally without water.
As you are trying to eliminate the water based medium from the ink and dry the print out, steam will make this process very difficult.

Q) Why is steam coming from the design?
This is the water based medium heating up and coming out of the design as steam - this is normal.
Steam starts to appear once the design comes up to temperature, then starts to slow and disappear half way through the setting process.

If a print is completely dry (more than 5 days old) no steam may appear at all and will require setting for 30-40 seconds only. If a print is wet and no stream is present you will need to increase the temperature of the press.

Q) How long do I set for - when do I know the prints are set?
How long is a piece of string? Generally speaking, the first 20 seconds of the setting process brings the ink and garment up to temperature, the next 20 seconds eliminates the water based medium (steam rises), the next 20 seconds starts the pigment activation and setting of the ink.
- Large or solid designs will require a longer setting period as there is more volume of ink to activate and set.

A minimum of 1 minute is normally required for almost any print, increasing up to 3 minutes for wet prints.

As the actual timing varies on the design size, how long since it's been printed and the volume of ink in the design. A simple rule to start with is that when steam stops rising you are half way through the setting process.
e.g. If steam stops rising after 40 seconds (2 presses), your setting time is 1 minute 20 seconds (4 presses).

Q) What happens if I don't set the inks for long enough?
After 5 minutes the inks will not readily wash out of the garment and are starting to air dry. When washed, water will begin to attack the un activated pigments dilute the medium coating the fibres of the fabric. It's this removal of the pigments which causes the design to fade
Further washing will continue the fading process for up to 10 washes, where no more pigment can be removed