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EZIscreen Magnetic Exposure Frame for StencilPro™

Product Code: EZI-MEF

Powerful magnets pull the artwork tightly against the StencilPro™ film for a tight bond and a sharper exposure.

A tight bond is essential to receive the sharpest exposure possible as no light can bounce or reflect under the artwork.

With a soft flocked backing, there's a beautiful feel to this product as well as providing a sharper imaging result.

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Built in Magnet Remove protective cover before use Cover before exposure


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Key Features

Magnetic Exposure Frame provides sharper imaging results

The clear acrylic cover allows all light to penetrate and expose the design

Black base with soft flocked foam

Manufactured exclusively for StencilPro™ exposures



Exposure Frame Usage Guide


Remove protective film from clear acrylic cover before use.

Open the frame and place StencilPro™ onto the black flock (either side up).

Place artwork transparency upside down on top of the StencilPro™ film.

Cover with clear plastic frame.

Expose using the recommended time for your StencilPro™ type and light type.
For exposure time details - click here . .

Important Note:

Do not use halogen or high heat emitting light sources as excessive heat will damage the clear cover of the product. The clear cover is constructed from non-heat resistant acrylic and pvc plastics and will bend/ disfigure with exposure to high sources of heat.


Use only a dry cloth to clean backing sheet.

The cover is an acrylic plastic and must be cleaned using a damp cloth and water only.
Do not use glass cleaners, solvent cleaners, mineral turpentine, abrasive brushes or scrubbers as this will damage the clear cover.


Stored by placing cover over backing to seal the frame closed and returning to the storage cover, or placing with the EZIscreen Opaque Storage Container.

Avoid placing items on cover or where items may cause scratching to the surface of the cover.
Place the Plastic Canvas Washout Screen over the top of the cover for protective to stop scratching/ marking.


Magnetic Exposure Frame

Instruction Sheet



Supplied: Each

Item Weight: 745g

Length: 255mm

Width: 310mm

Height: 14mm

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