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EZIscreen Plastic Canvas Washout Screen

Product Code: EZI-PCWS

The Washout Screen is used to support StencilPro™ film during rinsing, in either the Opaque Storage Container or under a tap, after the film has been developed in water, and then holds the film whist drying/ curing.

The Plastic Canvas surface is low stick with a grid pattern to lower the surface area in contact with the wet film, essential when a film is underexposed as it becomes sticky until the film dries, cures and hardens. When the cured film is lifted it peels off the Washout Screen and doesn't stick, adhere or tear.

The gridded pattern allows water to easily drain and airflow to circulate and dry the film faster than placing on a flat surface, paper towel, paper, linen or other surface to which it may adhere whilst drying/ curing.

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Key Features

Supports StencilPro™ film during washout and after soaking

Used inside Opaque Storage Container or holds film flat when washout is performed under a tap

Low stick surface stops under exposed screens adhering during curing

Gridded pattern for faster drying and increased airflow





Place Washout Screen into Opaque Storage Container and fill with water before commencing StencilPro™ exposure.
Note: The Washout Screen is longer than the base of the Opaque Storage Container. Place one end flat againse the bottom of the container, the other end will be raised for easy access when you wish to remove for drying.

Immediately after exposure place StencilPro™ film into the Opaque Storage Container and replace the lid to stop additional light entering during film developing. StencilPro™ will float above the Washout Screen during developing. Set your EZIscreen Timer for 10 minutes.

When ready to rinse, lift your Washout Screen up so the StencilPro™ rests on the screen, then use your EZIscreen Brush to rinse the film and develop your design.

When developing under a tap simply life the Washout Screen out of the Opaque Storage Container (with the film on top) and place under the tap to develop, brushing with the the EZIscreen Brush to rinse the film and develop your design.

Drying/ Curing

Place Washout Screen on a flat surface under Your design is now ready to print. For screen printing mount to a plastic frame, for stenciling/ brushing/ spraying attach using tape.



Clean using a damp cloth and water only.

Do not use glass cleaners, solvent cleaners, mineral turpentine, abrasive brushes or scrubbers as this will damage the product.

If StencilPro™ films are heavily under exposed and stick do not pull off the Washout Screen, soak in water for a few minutes until the film lifts naturally.


Store flat, do not fold or bend.

Store inside the Opaque Storage Container for added protection, or place over Magnetic Exposure Frame to protect the clear cover when storing equipment.


1 x Plastic Canvas Washout Screen



Supplied: Each

Item Weight: 50g

Length: 230mm

Width: 305mm


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