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EZIscreen Multi-colour T-shirt & Fabric Package

Product Code: EZI-4COLR

All EZIscreen kits have currently been withdrawn for re-development with the discontinuation of StencilPro film.

StencilPro Standard, HiRes and the newly released StencilPro Orange (SPO) films are trademarked and manufactured exclusively by Circuitbridge LLC (USA).
The owner and founder of Circuitbridge LLC has passed away, with notice the company has closed effective immediately. The situation has evolved rapidly and unexpectedly, with confirmation from the family of immediate closure without further trade or supply of products.

The proprietary formula of StencilPro film has not been made available, the StencilPro product line has ended with the closer of Circuitbridge LLC.


Future Supply of Replacement Film

A direct replacement to the formula of SPO film is not available. Similar films of suitable usage do exist in the marketplace, however, are different in construction and application, commercial based in quantity/ size. Considerable modification for EZIscreen is required.

Testing of replacement products is underway to determine suitability, establish new instructions and product usability. Replacement films require a modification to both exposure method (indoor U.V. is preferred over sunlight), with washout is short periods at high pressure not soaking to develop.

As replacement films comes online, this website will be updated to reflect the new information.


Accessories and Spare parts

The discontinuation of StencilPro does not affect the supply of Transparencies, squeegee, frames, inks and

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