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EZIscreen Basic Starter Screen Printing Kit

Product Code: EZI-STARTER

An easy to use starter kit allows you to begin printing fabrics quickly with StencilPro™ Standard film.
Unlike Speedball and Diazo emulsions, there is no coating screens before you begin - simply start exposing your designs instantly.

With EZIscreen you can keep and reuse your screens - no destroying them to make a new design!
Yes that's right, you don't have to destroy your designs and reclaim the screens each time you would like a new design, with the EZIscreen can remove your StencilPro™ film once you have finished printing, store the screen for later use and reuse your frame for a new design.
- Reusing your frames saves you $$ each time you make a screen and importantly you don't have to remake a design when you want to reuse it, simply pull is back out, attach to your frame and start printing again whenever you want.

Our Basic Starter Kit comes with 2 x Standard StencilPro™ sheets, Inkjet Artwork Transparency sheets, both large and small plastic frames, beginners squeegee, 3 x standard fabric inks, timer, washout brush, wooden ink palette knives, instructions and our printing lesson with a white T-shirt to get you started instantly.
Plus your receive the EZIscreen Opaque Storage Container to washout your StencilPro™ films during developing and also store all your equipment in after use!


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Number of screens available with EZIscreen Basic Kit Expose in Sunlight Expose indoors under Fluro UV light A5 Print Size - 110x170mm A4 Print Size - 170x240mm StencilPro Sheet size Supplied with equipment for single colour Multi-colour available with extra equipment Suitable for printing White and light coloured fabrics uysing Standard Fabric Inks Supplied ready to print flat/ direct sytle printing Suitable for use with Aquatex fabric inks Suitable for use with acrylic inks Suitable for use with oil based inks Suitable for use with aqua inks for plastic/ metals inks Suitable for use with low solvent base inks Suitable for use with ceramic and onglaze, underglaze and glass inks inks Inks and equipment supplied suitable for use with Cotton fabrics Inks and equipment supplied suitable for use with Polyester fabrics Inks and equipment supplied suitable for use with Polyester fabrics Inks and equipment supplied suitable for use with paper and wood Inks and equipment supplied suitable for use with Neoprene Additional equipment required to print Plastics and Metals (suitable ink must be adeed) Additional equipment required to print Plastics and Metals (suitable ink must be added) Additional equipment required to print Ceramics (underglaze/ onglaze) and DecalsPlastics and Metals (suitable ink must be added)


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Key Features

Low cost startup to print fabrics and T-shirts using standard inks

Print A5 and A4 straight away

No extra exposure equipment - use sunlight or inside under a fluroescent lamp

No coating emulsions - no mixing sensitizer, emulsions or chemicals then waiting to dry

Develop in water with fast exposure times (under 1 min. in sunlight)

EZIscreen printing lesson for standard fabric inks included with white t-shirt



StencilPro™ Usage Guide

EZI-MEFSee individual products for details.

For best results when exposing StencilPro™ film, we recommend using the Magnetic Exposure Frame (not included), to hold the transparency tight against the film.


See individual product pages for further details.


See individual product pages for further details.


StencilPro Exposure itemsStencilPro screen equipment:

2 x StencilPro 110Mesh Sheets (218x279mm/ 8.5x11")

4 x A4 Multi-function Artwork Transparency

1 x EZIscreen Plastic Exposure Cover (240x305mm)

1 x EZIscreen Opaque Storage Container

1 x EZIscreen Digital Timer

1 x EZIscreen Washout Brush



Frame mounts:

1 x A5 Small Plastic Frame ID: 120x180mm

1 x A4 Large Plastic Frame ID: 180x250mm/p>




1 x 6"/153mm EZIblade Plastic/Rubber)


Printing accessories:

4 x Wooden Ink Applicators

1 x Table Adhesive (sample size)

White T-shirt for Printing Lesson #1


Fabric InksInks:

4 x 250ml Standard Fabric Ink - Lemon Yellow, Mid Red, Mid Blue & Black


Support, training and information:

IS25: Screen Printing Technique

IS48: EZIscreen Usage Guide

IS49: Printing Lesson #1 for Standard Fabric Inks



Supplied: Pack

Item Weight: 1.7Kg

Length: 335mm

Width: 275mm

Height: 80mm



Open protective black bag under subdued lighting conditions only. Do not expose undeveloped film to U.V. or direct sunlight at any time. Avoid exposure to bright artificial light sources, especially from fluroescent tubes as this will begin to expose the StencilPro film. Protect from excessive heat, freezing and high humidity.
StencilPro film should be stored in an Opaque Storage Container away from heat and light sources.

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